Souvenirs of Thanjavur

Nominated for The Woodpecker International Film Festival and Forum 2015,New Delhi (3rd edition)
Nominated for TheHeritageFilmFestival 2015 (website:
Nominated for International Documentary Short Film Festival of Kerala(idsffk)2016

This documentary ‘SOUVENIRS OF THANJAVUR’ is a visual journey through the art and artisans of Thanjavur. The dancing dolls, the Thanjavur paintings, Thanjavur art plates decorate the living space of many Indians as well as foreigners. This film shows us that it is important to preserve these vanishing art forms of great export value. The problems faced by our artisans should be identified and rectified at regular intervals.
Government organizations have took major steps to promote such artisans, but is it enough? We have to preserve and maintain these art forms through generations for the world to admire and love. Any traditional art form is priceless, its value can only be determined through the eyes of its beholder, of that of a pure art-lover

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